Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Beauty...

Well, our little Beauty is growing up... I can hardly believe she will be 1 in less than a month! WOW.

She is taking after her daddy, getting funnier and funnier everyday. She loves to make people laugh! We will be in the grocery store and there is Bella in her cart trying to get every person to look at her with her smile. If that doesn't work, she waves, laughs, or makes what we call the "lion face" to get their attention! She is a pretty determined little girl!

So, the "lion face" is where she wrinkles up her little nose and smiles really big while making some silly noise... pretty cute!

She is also a very loving baby. She loves to share everything... food, her toys, whatever she has you can have it too!! She will continue to try to share until you decide to take whatever she is giving you. Pretty sweet! She also has learned to pat you on the back when she is giving you a hug, makes me smile every time.

Bella loves to crawl, but I wouldn't say she loves to walk. She tries walking with her baby stroller, but the minute she wants to go somewhere else, down she goes, crawling is much faster!!!

Bella LOVES music. Auntie Katy got her a piggy bank that plays songs and every time the music comes on Bella starts dancing! It is now her new favorite toy. One day I tried leaving the house without it... BAD IDEA. She let me know quickly that the piggy bank needed to go with us. So, I loaded it up in the front seat with the diaper bag... BAD IDEA. No, the piggy bank needed to be in the back seat with her!! Oh, this girl makes me laugh!

She still LOVES food, pretty much anything suffices for her. She gives herself her own bottles now, she thinks she is such a big girl! The time change got her off her schedule for about a week, but now she is right back on track and sleeps like a champ. Still sleeping from 7:30 pm now to 7:30 am!!

Bella has had a lot of "firsts" lately! We got to celebrate our first Thanksgiving with Bella! We have so much to be thankful for. We're also looking forward to celebrating Christmas with Bella this year and teaching her about Jesus' birthday and then her birthday the next day! What a special time. Bella also got to see the Alamo for the first time and go to her first Spurs game! FUN, FUN!

Bella is an absolute joy. How can I love this little person so much? It boggles my mind, but I do! She brings a smile to my face each day. Really, it's hard to have a bad day with our little beauty around. If I could have another baby just like Bella, I would have 10!! Oh, wait, Kyle might have something to say about that! ha.

Here are some recent pics of Bella. Love you all, have a great holiday season!

At the Potter's wedding! We are soooo happy for Jarrod, Amy, Riley and Brady!

Bella laughing at the Brenda blowing the bubbles!

My Pumpkin
Our little lady bug on Halloween!

Kendall, Bella and I had a picnic in the front yard the other day...lots of fun! Bella loved it of course because we were outside!

Bella's first Spurs game with Auntie Kate and Uncle Jeff!!

Bella and Mommy at the Alamo

Bella just hanging out at home!

Bella's first Thanksgiving! (at Dad and Sandi's house!!)

Riley reading to Bella...he loves Bella!

Riley helping Bella learn to walk! Riley and Brady sure do make great cousins!

I took Bella outside in the cool breeze and she laughed every time the wind hit cute!