Sunday, February 21, 2010

B...e...l...l...a's FIRSTS!!!

Bella got to meet Santa for the first time...only missed it by a couple of days last time!! haha

And got to see snow for the first time!! :)
Then she turned ONE and had her first birthday party! Lots of fun:)

Then, she had her first night away from mommy...(way harder on mommy then her!)...okay, not just one night, but 10 long nights. Our mission trip to South Africa was amazing, but I was really ready to be home with my hubby and little Beauty! Here are a few pics of her time with Daddy while I was away...they had so much fun together! She is one lucky girl!
Walks at the lake!
He wore her out everyday!
Fun bath times!
More walks!
And lots of silly time! :)
These two love each other SO much! :) And I'm pretty crazy about them myself!
Then mommy came home, what a sweet day that was! So, pigtails and all, our little girl is growing up! We have a walker on our hands much fun! By the way, sorry I'm so bad at this blogging thing...she has my hands tied! Maybe I'll try to get a video up of her walking...don't cross your fingers, but I'll try! :) haha.